> Test wallet in process
> Zeprotocol beta test ready in process

Whitelist : beta@ze.cash

Windows Linux

Zeprotocol beta@ze.cash

ZeCash Wallet

ZeCash Wallet

For all ZCH tokens holder, We've created a ZeCash Windows/Linux wallet where token holders can create an address and begin basic staking. Mac wallet coming soon.


CABS/RBS Staking demo

We are using combination of CABS / RBS staking proof of stake. Coin age and random selection algorithm together to avoid selecting same validator with most stake everytime and giving everyone fair chance. That means, if user A has 10% ZeCash and user B has 20% ZeCash than we create a array of 30 entries and randomly select one user for minting next block.
To have an access to our demo, please contact us : beta@ze.cash